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What Our Clients Say

Have a read about what our clients have to say about us.

"Following previous problems with another practice, I decided to deal with Smith & Jones on a trial basis back in January. However, I have stayed with them since because I have been very impressed with their service and, to date, I have never had any problems with them. I always get a quick and prompt response, and any queries are dealt with efficiently."
- David Johnson, Monds IT Analysts

"I chose Smith & Jones because of customer service (which seems to be a lost art in the business world today). When I was looking for a firm to use, many didn't answer the phone, reply to emails or seem to be interested in getting me to be a customer. Smith Jones & Associiates always answers the phone quickly, I can always speak to someone when I need to and all the people I talk to have the level of knowledge I need to assist me. I have high expectations when it comes to customer service and Smith & Jones always meet my expectations."
- Bob Smith

"I would just like to say that your staff are excellent 10 out of 10 for efficiency. Payment was also brilliant on time and accurate to the cent.
The administration of my expenses was also first rate. Any queries were dealt with immediately. Thank you again and I look forward to you looking after my payroll again. "

- Mike Stewart

"I feel the need to write to you to express my gratitude for the work and input you gave to me and my business. There is no question that without you as my accountant my business would not exist anymore.
It goes without saying that I look forward to growing my business, with your support and your guidance I'm sure that it will happen."

- John Jones

"As the owner of a small business, my expertise is on the creative and development side and my weak points are in accounting, taxes and financial records.
I was fortunate to hear about Smith Jones, they have helped me instrumentally in setting up records and templates that work for my particular business."

- Diane McKim

"Smith Jones has been a major help in our Small Business, They have really helped us to really start to understand how the mechanics work.
It has been a real encouragement knowing that we have such effective help at hand to help us through and continue to grow our business."

- Adam Avalos

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Burnside, Christchurch 8053
New Zealand

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