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Learn about our Content Management System ‘CCH Web Manager’

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Web Manager Resource Hub

Visit the Web Manager Resource Hub featuring useful information on how Web Manager can help enhance your online presence.

We aim to provide you with advice when your business needs it, not just when you ask for it.

We help you manage every aspect of your business and because we establish a one-on-one relationship with each of our clients, our advice is tailor-made for your business.

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About Smith Jones

Whatever stage your business is at, Smith Jones Chartered Accountants is here to guide and assist you through all the major and minor transitions.

Your Local Accountant

Whatever stage your business is at, Smith Jones Chartered Accountants is here to guide and assist you through all the major and minor transitions. We ask the right questions because we've been helping our clients with the challenge of change for over 30 years.

Innovative, Forward-Looking

As an innovative, forward-looking organisation, our future plans embody the expansion of our IT services to incorporate online bookkeeping, ecommerce, and the continued extension of our specialist activities.

We Help You Grow

We are highly educated, well-trained chartered accountants, business consultants, and financing and tax specialists who work as part of your management team. Using state-of-the-art technology, we fuse strategy with results to help you grow.

  Locally owned and operated, find out more about Smith Jones.

Helping your business succeed

Whatever your requirements, we can help you find the solution.

Business Services
We provide a broad range of business advisory and accounting services keeping on track.
Specialist Services
Ensure your business is successful by using our range of specialty accounting services.
Tax & Audit
We offer comprehensive tax compliance and tax advice for business and their owners.
Financial Planning
As your financial adviser, we work alongside you to create your own game plan.
Online Accounting
Cloud based accounting software offers businesses a step up from traditional packaged software.

Service Plans

Learn about the four different Service Plans and what benefits they can provide your business.


FROM $99 +gst per month

Service Plan 1 is ideal for small businesses with less than 50 transactions per month.

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FROM $199 +gst per month

A great plan for small-medium businesses with less than 200 transactions per month.

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FROM $399 +gst per month

If you're serious about growing your business then "Service Plan 3" is for you!

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FROM $499 +gst per month

"Rental Service Plan" is perfect for property investors.

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Handy online tools & resources

We offer a range of free easy to use online tools & resources.

Online Calculators

View our collection of online calculators including basic loan repayments & how much can I borrow.

Useful Links

See our useful links page for a range of government and non government services for business.

Key Dates

To help you keep on track of your financial calendar we have provided some key dates.

Tax Facts

To help you understand more about tax and how it affects your business.

Video Gallery

Check our archive of helpful accounting videos for businesses.

Online Accounting

Ask our advice about Online Accounting solutions.

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04 Oct 2021
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05 Nov 2021
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10 Dec 2021
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10 Jan 2022
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Smith Jones Blog

View our latest blog posts for accounting, tax and financial advice and information.

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What our clients say...

We are so proud of the work that we do for our customers. Please take a moment and read what
they have to say about their experience.

Donald Lawrence
Director - Servo Works
"I always get a quick and prompt response, and any queries are dealt with efficiently..."
Diane McKim
Manager - Red Spacebox Services
"I chose Smith & Jones because of customer service (which seems to be a lost art in the business world today)... "
Brian Lemos
Manager - Score Systems
"I would just like to say that your staff are excellent 10 out of 10 for efficiency... "
Adam Avalos
Manager - Zep Inc
"There is no question that without you as my accountant my business would not exist anymore..."
Millie Engel
Manager - Century Ltd
"I was fortunate to hear about Smith Jones, they have helped me instrumentally in setting up records and templates that work for my particular business... "
Mary Horvath
Manager - Blue Zinca Inc
"It has been a real encouragement knowing that we have such effective help at hand to help us through and continue to grow our business. "
Rawiri Henare
CEO - Aurise
"I highly recommend them for your tax refunds. They are fast, cheep and friendly..."
Vanessa Adams
Manager - Apondu
"There is no question that without Smith Jones as my accountant my business would not exist anymore..."

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